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Andean Roots Peru is a travel agency legally established in the city of Cusco. We are specialists in travel to Peru and our team of experts can help you plan your perfect travel adventure. Our passion for the country, its people and landscapes is the driving force behind every one of our wonderful journeys while our first hand knowledge and experience is hard to beat.

Our philosophy is simple: to provide the ultimate travel experience in Cusco & all over Peru and South America, and to bring fun and smiles to your trip here! No hassles, no worries!!! So join us and let your journey of a lifetime begin.





Hernán Gutierrez Serrano, the founder of Andean Roots Peru studied tourism in 2006 at a prestigious university in Cusco, however in the third semester he had to quit studying to start working as he could not afford to pay for his studies at the university and his English Course. He had a hard time these days, but Hernan never gave up.

Since Hernán had the skill of speaking fluently English and German started working in different prestigious hotels as a receptionist and reservations assistant, but what he really wanted to do was show the culture and history of his country to people from all over the world, thus he started working in different Travel Agencies selling and organizing Tour Packages for clients from all over the world and at the same time he was able to finish her career of Tourism and graduated as an Official Tour Guide. The fact of working in these travel agencies taught him to provide an excellent service to his clients and motivated him to open his own company. In October 7, 2015 Hernán Gutierrez Serrano together with his wife Aydee Soto Almiron, thanks to the motivation of their daughter Lucelle with 4 months in the womb, launched their own Travel Agency Andean Roots Peru to the Tourism Market being the only workers. Thanks to all the knowledge they were able to acquire during all these years, today Hernán and Aydee together with their team of professionals in Tourism can offer all their clients exclusive trips, ranging from short trips in the Peruvian Andes to long excursions that take us to know the best of our country.

The Philosophy of the Andean Roots Team is simple. Provide the best travel experience in Cusco and throughout Peru

Office Staff

The staff of Andean Roots Peru are highly trained and qualified with studies of business administration and tourism to do their work efficiently correct and help you with your enquiries during your booking process. All our skilled personnel have a passionate interest in every field they work by turning the impossible into possible and they are capable to make almost everything achievable and succeed in what they do.


Most of the licensed tour guides we work with are highly trained in the workshops organized by the company in order to provide quality service to our customers, and deal with difficult situations such as altitude symptoms, accidents, etc. They are prepared to answer your questions during our treks and visits to the sights as well as the management of the group with a high English level.


Our cooks have a wide experience in cooking and preparing meals during our treks and excursions, the hygienic conditions and how the ingredients should be manipulated are learned during intensive training process to avoid any problem that would affect the wellbeing of the group. They know after long distance walk you need to eat and drink lots of water that is why they prepare plenty of food mainly made from local products such as Quinoa, potatoes and alpaca meat.


We treat with respect our porters comparing to other companies. They mainly come from their impoverished villages looking for job opportunities and so make some income. We support all our porters who work for us by providing a complete set of uniform and also receive a good salary. Apart from that, we arrange campaigns of social works in the communities they live. We serve hot chocolate and give gifts to their children in Christmas and important dates. This initiative is very important for our company because thanks to our porters we will continue with our projects as a travel agency and they can help their families, working for us and so reduce the unemployment rate in our country.

Our Values

  • Treat all people with respect
  • Act with integrity
  • Be passionate about what we do
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Behave ethically and responsibly in all aspects of our business


We as Andean Roots Perú, a Travel Company based in Perú reject all kind of exploitation and sexual commerce of minors and we support the campaign Eyes everywhere against the Sexual Exploitation Commercial of Children and Adolescents. Our Company urges you to report any possible cases of child sexual exploitation to the Peruvian Authorities.

Sustainable Tourism

We think that responsible, sustainable, green and ethical tourism should be core to all our tours. Put simply, to us Responsible Tourism is all about trying to travel in a way that benefits the people who live in the places we visit, while making sure we try to minimize any negative impact we potentially have (on the environment, landscape, culture, the eco-system and the people.

We are 100% ECO-FRIENDLY. Period. It is important for us to avoid anything that is harmful to the trail and other sacred sites! The environment is something we are very passionate about. We engage in eco-friendly habits and practices by being more conscious of how we use resources.

Why Andean Roots Perú?

  • HIGH QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, AND FLEXIBILITY: Safe Journey – Best Experience!
  • EXPERIENCE: More than 12 years specializing in Tourism in Peru.
  • PROFESSIONAL: English, Spanish, Portuguese speaking guides.
  • 24 HOUR AVAILABILITY: 24 hour emergency hot line.
  • ASSISTANCE: Providing assistance for our passengers anytime, anywhere.
  • SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: We focus on sustainable and responsible tourism.
  • GREAT VALUE PRICES: we pride ourselves in offering all of our tours at highly competitive prices. If you compare our prices to the competition we think you’ll be pleasantly suprised with the savings you can make!

We hope your journey with us will delight and inspire you and look forward to sharing these experiences with you in South America.

See you soon!

General Manager

Andean Roots Peru E.I.R.L

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